Goals steps:
[* = First Time Runner steps]

  1. [*] runto winds, type "accept" to start the goal.

  2. kill all branches

  3. goto centre, touch obelisk [Need 4 to touch]

  4. search books, kill mob

  5. clear books, kill mob for key

  6. [*] go up each tower in the four corners and kill mobs for books, keep them for later use

  7. there's an invisible mob that will trigger mprog to put you to sleep
    ** Have someone scout ahead if you need books for language

  8. stand, search cell/sludge/ice/floor/hole or push square, get key

  9. up, open north, n, kill guards, all n/w/e, open west/east

  10. at Lord Orittias, type [*]accept to get "oath of fealty"
    [FIRST TIMER: accept to get portal] give 1m or 2m gold (1m if accept, 2m if deny)

  11. when ready, say i am ready to be transported to maze start.

  12. navigate the maze, kill children along the way, and find Solistar
    -- Maze does not randomize, Solistar is located somewhere North East corner of this section.
    -- BANISH the children

  13. at Solistar room, exam side1/side2/side3/side4
    stand on pedestal
    say one word from side1, followed by one word from side2, then one from side3, then one from side4
    If the word said is correct, Solistar will say "Something feels different", and you may continue saying the next word.
    If the word said is wrong, Solistar will trans you to start of maze again.
    Assuming a group of 10, each person will take turns to stand on pedestal and say one word from side1.
    One will get it right, the rest navigate through maze and get back to Solistar.
    The correct words will randomize each repop. (6 hours long)
    Everyone in group say a word from side1, and found out "exo" is the first correct word.
    Then everyone will "say exo", and followed by a say a second word from side2, and found out "haviar" is the second word.
    Then every will "say exo, say haviar, say " and found out = areo
    Finally, try one by one the last word. Let's = jajar
    Make sure everyone is back in room before trying the next word from side4, or else those outside room will not close task.
    So as soon as a person "say exo;say haviar;say areo;say jajar", Solistar will open a magic portal
    Portal only held open for 10s+, after which it'll collapse and room spammed with aggro mobs and no further progression possible until next pop.

  14. enter portal quickly

  15. all north, give pebble el'cair

  16. say please to trans to the "past" version of the library.

  17. Go up to each tower, give the corresponding books

  18. at this point you have to play tag with children and a group of 8-10 players. [not sure how exactly this will work] (can be skipped, may be a bug)

  19. Give pebble to Daren

  20. Kill Lord Orittias, every time you retreat or walk into his room he'll hit you for half of your hp. he's immune to physical damages. kill him and he'll transfer you to Hyne's room.

  21. nod Hynes to receive 1-4 collection cards / 100QPs and trans to area start steward

  22. say sage at area start steward to trans to Erol