Oradrin's Chosen Guide

Oradrin's Chosen Guide
Oradrin's Chosen aka OC
This is a primer not a goal-walkthrough

Average runtime: 30 mins to an hour

Average group size: 15 to 20

Chance of death: Fairly high

Ease of corpse recovery for non-clanned: This is a morgue area, you leave no corpse and your eq stays on/with you when you die.

Who can go? Any 200/201 as long as you have incomplete heal and
party heal and don't mind dying a bit more than normal you'll be useful
to the group as a healer.

What will I get? Rank Items are ideal, there's some other good eq, and some
pretty crappy stuff too. It's random so don't be too sad if you get screwed,
unless you're Argyle then you've earned the right to be sad.

from hotel: run u10n32e
from mayhem (compendium of fal'shara portal): run 6s2we

Note: Down from this room is usually refered to as "The Center"
It's where the group usually forms.


  1. Read this guide.
  2. Read this guide again.
  3. Realize that OC isn't that complicated--the basic
    rule is do as you're told and all will be well.
  4. If you can: set up a capture window for chats, especially gtell
  5. Practice (and ideally max) incomplete heal and party heal
  6. Realize you could die, it's no biggie so don't freak out.
  7. Read this guide again and do the following:
  8. Get neutral
  9. Check the following settings (basic raid/epic settings)
    • Autoassist is off
    • Autoloot is on
    • Autosac is off
    • Wimpy is zero
    • Battlespam off
    • Groupspam off
    • Nospam on
    • Turn off all reminders/repop/gquest/etc notifiers that go to gtell
    • Minimize spam, turn off unnecessary channels etc.
    • Damage 2 is good for minimizing attack spam
  10. Stock up on mana potions
  11. Bring a shield, any shield will do, you may not need it but it's good to have.
    The Big Bad:
    Asvarien = the final boss, his room is the "down room" up from him is the "up room"
    (see below)
    Player Roles:
    main tank = Usually a t9, the first to move to a new room
    rescuers = Usually also t9s or strong high tiers, assist main tank by taking 1 mob each
    hitters = people who are engaged in fighting, usually autoattacking + phealing
    healers (chealers) = people NOT fighting, usually mixing pheal and chealing the tanks
    deadweight = people doing nothing, don't be this guy
    downhealer = people who go into the "down room" with Asvarien and cheal the tank,
    it's very important for the tank to live.
    uphealer = at the end, people below 35k hp will sit in the "up room" and cheal
    the downhealers when they come up and say heal
  • signets = rings needed to pass by arbiters/keepers

  • arbiters/keepers = guys you nod or bow to to pass by sections (prevents late joiners)

  • maze part = part in the middle where there's a maze, wandering here = death

  • pheal = party heal, default action most of the time

  • cheal = incomplete heal, you'll be directed to do this as needed

  • waves = at certain hp %'s Asvarien will call waves of mobs, these wreak havoc
    on downhealers and tanks. To prevent them from overwhelming the party,
    Asvarien will be resanced to slow down his droprate, and allow off-tanks to
    clear the waves one by one.

  • term = If you're lucky enough to have a paladin in the group, terminate is your

  • autoattack = regular melee attack, usually you'll not be using attack spells but
    instead will be doing pheal. NOT autoassist, it's generally best to engage manually.
    ********* Rule 1: Pay attention and do as you're told. *********

  • There's an implied truce during epic runs, don't pk people.

  • Don't spam commands, ever. You NEED to be able to react to changes
    and spamming can cause problems. If you are phealing 5 rounds after
    combat ends Androg will skullfuck you.

  • Don't spam gtell with stuff ESPECIALLY automessages and stuff
    there's a lot going on so gtell needs to be mostly business.

  • Triggers off. Except utility stuff like potion tracking etc.

  • NO BOTTING, shouldn't need to be reiterated but there you go.

  • If you're confused, ask what you need to be doing.
    When in doubt stand there without attacking and pheal

  • If you're told to use flee, don't use retreat

  • There's one part where you don't want to area attack, make sure you don't.

  • If you're a t9 rescuer, rescue the tank once and once only, over rescuing
    causes problems. If you don't rescue at all see deadweight above.
    Starting the run:

  • Take a deep breath, everything will be ok. Just don't panic and all will be well.

  • A group leader will be designated, head to OC (usually the center) and follow
    the group leader.

  • From here on in just follow instructions and try not to earn any DS points.

Good luck and hope for rank items!

Guide taken from the Chaos Clan Website